Michael Giangiordano II

I say that I have been with C21 Forrester since birth… but officially after I graduated from Drexel University in 2016. My favorite part of our office is the history and family behind it. We started on East Passyunk in 1926. Mason Forrester was a real guy…a local Realtor. So our roots, along with the roots of my family, The Giangiordano’s, are deep in the community. We are very well established in our neighborhood and we aren’t going anywhere! We have survived and weathered a lot of storms. My career has grown exponentially since 2016! We have a great team, everyone is very supportive and knowledgeable! Something that most people might not know about me is that I have always loved politics! In the 3rd grade I was interviewed and asked what I wanted to be when I grew up and I said the President; I even wrote a letter to the President and received a response back from the White House! When I am not at work I love trying new restaurants up and down the Avenue and spending time with my family.

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